Monday, March 29, 2010

What, Where and Why

Almost two years ago I fell in love with the Khmer Language. Now, I am one of three Southeast Asia contract majors and am about to embark to Cambodia and Thailand for 7 weeks. I established this blog to share my new experiences with my very worried parents, family and friends.

What: A field school with Dr.Ledgerwood and 7 other students. We will be researching "The re-emergence of Buddhism after the Khmer Rouge." On the weekends I will be conducting further research focusing on age groups 16-26. The field school ends on August 15th. My friend Ack will be joining me in Cambodia for a week, then we will be staying in Thailand for two weeks.

Cambodia-Phnom Penh, Battambang, Ta Keo and Siem Reap
Thailand-Bangkok, Ko Samet, anywhere!

Why: I am doing this trip to gather research for a paper I plan on writing. Also, since Southeast Asia is my major, some experience in the region would be nice.

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