Monday, August 23, 2010

Koh Samet

So I rolled into Bangkok on Thursday night. I felt like I transported back to the States minus the white people. Bangkok is so much more developed and modern then Phnom Penh, they even have express ways. In Cambodia we drove from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh on a two lane road which was gravel half the time, and that is one of the major "highways" of the country. We met up with Ack's cousin named Tony and his girlfriend Gin. It has been fun going around with them because they take me to all the non tourist spots so I get to experience a more "real" Bangkok. I miss Cambodia a lot though, I miss being able to communicate with people. We left for Koh Samet on Saturday morning. I am one of probably 4 white people on the island and get stared at a lot. However, I did run into some Cambodian natives and was able to speak Khmer with them which was a blast. Today this lady was giving me a massage and she said she was from the Lao/ Cambodian border. Another guy we met the day before came and sat with us as well. My friend Ack was speaking Thai to them, I was speaking Khmer and English with the lady and the lady and the guy were speaking Lao to each other. We pretty much had a 30 minute convo going on in four different languages, it was pretty awesome. We also randomly ran into some friends we made in Siem Reap here in Koh Samet (white people!) I am not trying to be racist when I speak of white people, there is seriously hardly any white people ever since I got into Thailand. I miss being able to understand conversations between people rather then it all sounding like gibberish. The weather on the island has been okay but I do not expect to come home with a tan=(. The first day was cloudy, the second sunny and today it started raining around 3:30pm. We are leaving tomorrow to go back to Bangkok till Friday. On Friday we are going to Pattaya which is a beach location and the old Capitol of Siam. I leave for home in about a week which is nice. I am starting to get a little homesick, I feel as if I have been in Asia for years rather then months. I am not sure when I will be able to update this blog again because I don;t really have internet access, but I will try my best. XOXO

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