Sunday, August 1, 2010


On Saturday I went to Udong which is just north of Phnom Penh. It is pretty much a big hill with a big statue and a couple of stupas which house old kings. As soon as our van doors open kids were upon us like wild dogs. Each child quickly latches on to a forienger and "guides" them through the mountain, even if you dont want them too. At first I resented them because I wanted to be able to enjoy the view and sights in tranquility, but it's so hard to turn down these desperate children. So I was moved along Udong by a 12-year-old boy who rattled off a history lesson I didn't pay attention to, and an incredibly cute 10-year-old who fanned me the entire time. Of course it was expected to give them money at the end, but how can I resist giving money to children who have so little? Anyways the first picture is taken at the first stupa near the top. You can see other stupas in the distance, to get to them I had to walk up and down steep steps along the top of the mountain.

After Udong we went to a nearby temple which was incredibly rich. The temple houses the real life body of a famous monk who died and you can go view the body in all of its decaying wonder. I saw the feet and ran. I went outside and this little old monk calls me over, and I talked to him for awhile in Khmer! I was very proud of myself, and I think the little old monk was very tickled. The third picture is in front of the Vihear at the rich temple, and the second is a view of Udong from the Vihears porch.

Today I went to the Russian market and bought way too many things. Hopefully I am able to get it all home. I know I will have no problem from Thailand to home, but Cambodia to Thailand may be a little tricky. I will just have to buy a cheap knock off coach duffle bag,

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  1. What jokes were you telling the little old monk outside the temple?